About Kinglake Phoenix Rod & Custom Club

The Kinglake Phoenix Rod & Custom club was started in Kinglake in November 2008. An advertisement was placed in the local paper in Kinglake, Victoria. It just said in short, "Wanting to start a car club in the Kinglake area. If you are interested, please be at the Caparosa Pizza Restaurant on Tuesday at seven pm, see you there". 

The club's name was the Hill top Rod & Custom Club. Four months later the Black Saturday fires hit Kinglake and I thought the club was finished. After finding out that all of the members had lost most of their classic cars in the fires.   I was determined that the club would not be a victim of the fires too.

The members were asked if they wanted the club to go on. The verdict was a unanimous yes. So we got together with Tony Backer from the A.S.R.F and Dietmar Munnecke from Pegasus Rod & Custom. They assisted us in putting on a car show in Kinglake to help lift our spirits. The show was named “AMONGST THE ASHES" and held on the 3rd of May 2009. The day was all about the club showing that it can go on even after the fires and so the club was renamed the Kinglake Phoenix Rod & Custom Club

We have had some hard times with a small group of members wanting to take control and tear the club apart. They were persuaded to move on and this has helped the club grow in to what it is today. 

In November 2011 the club had just 13 members.  we then grown to be one of the biggest Rod & Custom Club with over 250 members in October 2012.

Now the Kinglake Phoenix Rod & Custom Club inc is based  on an old style Rod and Custom club from the sixties when a club was just a group of people getting together to share their interests and ideas.

 Going for a drive or ride just to get away from it all and to be a part of something. It gave the people involved   a sense of pride in wearing the club colours and being a part of a club. An old style club and like in the sixties a club was there to help each other through the good and bad times. To get people out and enjoying life. Taking the family to a car show in the park and having a picnic under a tree. The kids can play in the park and the guys or girls can look and admire the cars, bikes and trucks on display or at some shows hear a band play. 

It is strange how we now have things like (the men's shed).What ever happened to guys looking under the bonnet of a car or looking at a bike and telling a tall story and having a laugh.

We are a no frills club we don’t have monthly meetings and the club runs just fine. So why have a committee making and changing the rules when all people want is to go for a drive or ride. Not to be told by the club "This club raises money for charity. So if you want club registration you have to attend monthly meetings. You must help the club have fundraising days or we will cancel your registration and throw you out".

 The Kinglake Phoenix is a not for profit club with all proceeds donated to charities after administration costs have been deducted.

We are also a club that recognises that the love of a particular car, bike or truck started from a little boy or girl looking out the back window of a car or watching  a movie or show  and thinking  "when I grow up I want to have one of them".  As time goes by, if you are in your 70's it may be a 1934 ford roadster or if you are in your 20's it may be a 1980's Commodore.  You may have seen a Harley Davidson on the cult classic "Easy Rider" or "Wild Hogs". We respect all vehicles over 25 years old. 

The committee in this club has one main rule 'respect'.  Respect yourself and respect your fellow members by not bringing the club down by being a 'tool'. By driving or behaving in a way to have people to look down upon the club or other members or themselves.

The club is mainly an internet based club with members chatting on Face book and notification of events and promotions through the club web site in the "club room".

Club apparel can be purchased through the club web site in the clubroom on the site. The 'clubroom' is for members only. 

A simple club with simple rules here for people with a passion for motor vehicles.