Guidelines / Constitution

The name of the club of the incorporation association shall be ;
Kinglake Phoenix Rod & Custom Club
(In these rules called 'The Association)


The objects for which the association is established are;-
To promote Street Rodding /custom and classics/Historic in all it facets and to set and maintain a safe standard of street Rodding /custom and classics/Historic.


The powers of the association are ;-
To take over the funds and other assets and liabilities of the present unincorporated association know as the top rod and custom car club of Victoria


The association is open to all vehicles over 25 years old street rods and chassis type vehicles/custom classics and mono constructed vehicles                                     

4b.Vehicles Responsibility

1. It is the sole responsibility as a member of the Kinglake Phoenix Rod & Custom Car Club to act in accordance with the Vic roads Club permit system.  2. it is the responsibility members to be  familiar with the club's requirements for being a club permit holder; 3. the members is required to maintain this vehicle in a manner which ensures that the vehicle is in a safe condition for use on a highway, and all maintenance and installation of parts used on the vehicle shall be carried out correctly to ensure that the vehicle is kept in a roadworthy condition, and continues to be covered where applicable by repairers and/or manufacturers warranties after inspection by the club. 4. the members are required to present this vehicle for periodic safety checks as prescribed by the club;5. the member is required to maintain financial membership of the club at all times whilst holding a club permit; 6. That the member are aware that club permits and number plates are not transferrable with the sale of the vehicle;7. That the members are required to ensure that the log book pertaining to the vehicle is correctly filled out at all times whilst the vehicle is in use.

5.Full Membership

On joining the association, members are then liable to pay the association are then eligible to vote on association business.


All members are required to drive a safe vehicle and act in a responsible manner which does not denigrate the association name. If an association member is reported at a meeting for having an unsafe or defective vehicle, then he or she will be elected to oversee any such vehicle corrections and will have to be unanimously satisfied that the required work has been carried out before the vehicle is allowed to participate in any further association functions


If a member fails to comply with the provisions of the rules or has membership fee outstanding in arrears for more than 2 months or conducts him or herself in a manner considered by the committee to be prejudicial or injurious to the character of the association or its interests, then the management committee shell consider whether his or her membership shell be terminated.
The member concerned shell be given a full and fair hearing and if the management committee resolves to terminate the member's  


association fees renewals are due every 12 months

8.Management committee

The management of the association shall be the responsibility of the committee which shall be comprised of : president, vice-president, and treasurer
The management committee term is for life whilst being a financial member

Any member of the management committee may resign from membership of the committee at any time by giving notice in writing to the president but such resignation shell take effect at the time such notice is received by the president unless a later date is specified in the notice when it shell take effect on that later date, or such member maybe removed from office at a meeting of the committee of the association where the member shall be given the opportunity of fully presenting his/her case. The question of removal shall be determined by the vote of the members of the committee present at such time committee meeting is held.


The management committee shell have power at any time to appoint any member of the association to full any casual vacancy on the management committee.

The continuing member of the management committee may act not withstanding any casual vacancy in the management committee, but if and so long as their number is reduced below the number fixed by or pursuant to these rules as the necessary quorum of the management committee, The continuing member or members mat act for the purpose of increasing the number of members of the management committee to that number or of summoning  a general meeting of the association but for no other purpose


The management committee will meet monthly or when a matter is presented to be of a urgent mater requiring attention which can affect the future of the club and will consist of a quorum of not less than 2 of the management committee members, any interim decisions will be ratified by a show of hands by the financial members during the general business.


Except as otherwise provided for in these rules and subject to resolutions of the members of the association carried at any business meeting the management committee:-
shall have the general control of the administration of the affairs property and shall have authority to interpret the meaning of these rules and any matter of the association related to which these rules are silent.


Voting will be by a show of hands unless a majority of members present require a secret ballot.


The quorum at all meetings shall consist of a majority of at least 2/3rd of current financial members.

12.Association funds

The funds of the association shall be banked in an account approved by a vote of the members and operated by the management committee for the members. all withdrawals must be signed by either the president or treasurer have all rights to pay all club accounts without reference.


The treasurer will have custody of all financial books and documents and will keep a statement of income and expenditure to be kept available for perusal on request by any financial committee member of the association upon request.

14.Non-profit clause

The assets and income of the association shall be applied solely in furtherance of it's objects and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to members of the association except as a bona-fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the association.

15.Amendments to the constitution

Subject to the provisions of the Associations Incorporation Act, these rules may be amended, rescinded or added to from time to time by a special resolution with one month notice in advance and carried by any General Meeting, provided that no such amendment retraction or addition shall be valid unless the same be approved.

16.Common Seal

The common seal of the association shall only be used by the authority of the management committee and every instrument to which the common seal is affixed shall be signed by a member of the management committee.  The management committee shall provide for a common seal.

17.Members Register.

The management committee will cause a register to be kept with the names and residential and postal addresses of all persons admitted membership of the Association and the dates of their admission, along with the register of any deaths, resignations, terminations, or re-instatements of membership and any other details the association may require.
The Association committee shall have safe custody of the register and shall be kept in secure to maintain members privacy.

18.Confidentiality clause

all names and residential and postal addresses of all persons admitted membership is held in confidentiality  to maintain privacy of all members
any private information the club is bound to only use this information in relation to club matters. 


This club shall be dissolved due to insufficient members to form a committee or upon a 2/3rd majority vote of the existing committee members at a special meeting to discuss  the matter. 
Upon dissolution all remaining funds or assets which remain after payment of all debts and liabilities of the Association shall be distributed evenly among or between 3 charities, funds, institutions or authorities which are non-profit organizations at the discretion of the remaining committee and members in accordance with a majority vote by a show of hands.

This Constitution Was Presented To The Members of these association known as (Kinglake Phoenix Rod &  Custom Club)  by poxy and was pasted by more than 2/3rd of members 20/5/2013